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Horklumps ...


1.Name:  bleeding_luv

2. Age: 26

3. A) Have you read all of the Harry Potter books that are out currently? Yes

B) How many are there (excluding the two books done for charity)?
Seven but I just saw a prequel on the Web but I believe it's only up for an auction.

C)Which one was your favourite? Explain. 

Prisoner of Azkaban - I loved how things weren't always what they seemed. The introduction of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin ( Lupin is one of my favs.) Hermione's over achieving ways was fun to read.

4. A)If you attended Hogwarts, what would be your favourite subject?


B) Why?
I love spells & rhyming. I don't trust myself near Potions ( to much like science and I failed at chemistry). Herbology would aggravate my sinuses I would have to learn a sinus relief spell in order to be in the same room as long as some of those herbs are there.

5. If you could store one memory in a Pensieve, what would it be? Explain.

Christmas morning when my guinea pig escaped and ran into my grandmother's room. She screamed so loud. It was really funny and she didn't yell at me.She laughed and I got to open a few presents a few hours early.

6. If you were to face a boggart, what do you think it would it turn into?

A black widow *shudders* I loathe spiders.

Explain why you think this.

Black widows are/can be deadly. Poisoness death not fun.

7. What do you think you would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

My grandmother and I would sit there for hours not caring it's fake just to talk and vent.

8. Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire? Explain your reasoning.

No. I am smart enough to know my some of my limitations. I would die fast and horribly if I entered. No thank you.

9. A)Would you use an Unforgiveable Curse, and if so, under what circumstances would you use an Unforgivable Curse?

Yes, I would use an Unforgivable Curse. If someone was trying to harm/kill me.


They should only be used in self defense or if there is absolutely no way to solve it any else.It's not to be done lightly.

10. Put the following words in order of importance to you: Adventurous, Ardent, Acute, Crafty, Benevolent, Accommodating, Burlesque, Drive. Please explain your top three and the one you place last.

Crafty:  I'm charming ,cunning.It's could to know ways to get your own way
Drive: I have very high expectations for myself and others
Accommodating: I'm a people pleaser...not always a good thing...
Adventurous : I like adventure but on the big screen ,in real life I'm more cautious.

11. Please follow this link. Find your zodiac on the list and copy and paste the following paragrah in this question. After doing so, please bold which qualities you feel describe you and strike out the qualities that do not. You may add an explanation if you wish afterword.
Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

.Optimistic.Confident. Naive .Self-centered.Open.Egotistical.Idealist.Confronting.Loyal.Tactless Overbearing.Intuitive.Has to feel free.High spirited.Impatient. Physically active.Ingenious.Honest.Trusting.Impersonal.Idependent.Warm.Exaggerate.Insensitve. Extroverted Inspirational.Has to feel important.Bright,strong,and takes control.Wants to be in charge.Never subte.Very confident.A leader. A motivator. Very proud nd confident.Arrogant.Non-sympathatic.No patience. Gets tired and bored with the intellectual observations.

12. What single quality do you feel goes the furthest in defining who you are?  Enthusiastic
Explain why. I get jazzed up about anything my my depends to obssess over. I love hard,live hard,play hard.

13. What makes a person deserving of your respect?

Loyalty.Standing by a person when the person needs someone,even if they don't deserve it.

14. What character from the series do you most relate to? Explain.

There's two really. Tonks because she's emotional, a rebel, cares about the people she loves, and stands up for her beliefs.

Snape ,because I've been bullied and completely understand where is coming from. He's not a bad guy but he's not good either. He's a shade of grey ,like me.

15. Please describe the four canon houses in your own words.

Gryffindor: brave,rule breakers,strong willed, headstrong,loyal
Slytherin: vain,crafty,alluring,selfish,disloyal
Ravenclaw: Beautiful,intelligent,wise,otherworldly
Hufflepuff: generous,sweet,lazy,mediocre , gentle, affectionate

16. What qualities do you possess from each of the four houses (Please try choosing one from each)?

Gryffindor: I am definately headstrong or bull headed might have been a better word. Also loyal.
Slytherin: I am selfish and crafty.
Ravenclaw: I am wise do to things I have survived that others might not have gone through
Hufflepuff: I am mediocre. I'm not the smartest tool in the shed.

17. What hybrid house do you think you would be wrong to be put in, and why? Slytherclaw.  It's not Slytherin I have a problem with. All houses suit me except Ravenclaw. I'm not beautiful and smart. I'm no Cho Chang. Looney Luna maybe....

18. A) If you could change one thing about yourself, would you?

My shyness

B) What would it be if you did?

Well outside of LJ I'm actually painfully shy. Here I'm more open and myself,go figure.
C) Why?

Well being shy geys you nowhere in life ,especially if you let others abuse your kindness and don't stick up for yourself.

19. How did you find us? If it was from a post say where and who posted it (If possible, please leave a link to the actual post you saw.) looking for stamping comms.

20. Have you applied before? If so, can you please leave a link to your last application? No

21. A) Why should we accept you?
I take my LJ work seriously. It's a business to me. Mind you I'm a girl with a sense of humor but when I need to be serious you'll fnd no one else as dedicated.

B)What makes you different than the other applicants we’re reviewing after you?
I have a crazy amount of time on my hands and am practically glued to my pc. I'm usually the first to vote on applications because of this.

22. How many hours weekly do you expect to be able to put into this community?

As many as I need to. I'm on disability so I have more free time than the average person does.I can easily work into my schedule.Quite frankly it'll make me feel needed and when you are/feel like an invalid it's a nice thing to know your needed.

23. Please leave some way of communication (either e-mail or AIM) here. If you do not feel confortable leaving such information open to the public, please e-mail me at abbyssweet@sbcglobal.net with the said information, and please state who you are also (meaning giving me your name and LJ name). If you are accepted, this information will be given to your future HoH, so they can contact you if needed.


24. If you are sorted into a House that does not have an Head of House, would you be interested in being one?

I would yes I'm very authoritive yet understanding.    
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