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S'il vous plait?

1.Name: Emalise
2. Age: 19
3. A) Have you read all of the Harry Potter books that are out currently? Yes
B) How many are there (excluding the two books done for charity)? Seven
C)Which one was your favourite? Explain. Half-Blood Prince is the one I have read the most but I would have to say that Order of the Phoenix gains my favor above the rest. While all the books leave you turning page after page with anticipation and curiosity OotP has a stronger degree of intrigue. Mystery is the leading theme and was definately Jo's intention in writing it. Every aspect of the story leaves you guessing. You never really know what is going on, especially when Umbridge takes over because one's hatred for her character can easily veil other aspects of the storyline. You know that something very important is happening and a major event is about to take place but you don't know what. Jo always leaves clues and ironic details that usually gain only the slightest notice the first read over.

I suppose that my love for OoTP is result of my love for features of the story that are mostly specific to this book of the series; the use of dreams, the concept of Occlumency, various metaphors, and the new information/outlook it provided on Harry's parents, the Marauders, and the Order.
Due to more mythological connections I must express my admiration of the book as result of my favorite character: Firenze. He is a charming way of demonstrating the varied wisdom in the wizarding world - a realm that includes not just humans but creatures as well.

4. A)If you attended Hogwarts, what would be your favourite subject? Transfiguration
B) Why?
Transfiguration for numerous reasons. I have a great love for Greek Mythology- where transfiguring is vital to most of the myths and the deeper, allegorical meanings. (Ovid’s Metamorphosis proves this extremely well as it demonstrates that the existence of a human’s soul can take on more than one form.) It involves concepts that are most complex, which is why I would like it. I would be naturally curious, as I am of the subject already, and want to learn as much as I can. I do not like looking at things in black and white; ie-if a teacup is a teacup then it can’t be a mouse. Transfiguration has a duality that I feel an affinity towards. Also, it has always been my ambition to learn the animagus spell. As it is considered one of the more difficult of the transfiguration magic I would excel in the class in order to increase said ability.

5. If you could store one memory in a Pensieve, what would it be? Explain.
I could sift through my memories to find one appropriate, one useful in some way, but there is something unsettling about the crumbs of my life. The past is ever unsettling that way because there is always that chance we remembered it wrong. There is always a chance that what really happened has been over-written by our conscience, or worst of all, that there are pieces we have forgotten altogether. And when I close my eyes to bring forth a memory I do not know where to start. 
So you’ve all heard that cute little quote about how life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. As much as I hate being cliché that is my approach to choosing what memory I would put in the Pensieve. The one memory I would put in is the most recent experience that took my breath away. It would serve as a reminder to keep breathing and believing. It is the one memory I want above all else to not forget, alter, or replace. I graduated from high school last year and the one thing I asked for was a trip to NYC. I had never been there before, or any large city of that scale, and I knew the best time to take such a trip would be the last summer before going away for college. One of the days there I still revisit in my memory. I spent the afternoon wandering in my element, amongst masterpieces and history, in the Metropolitan Art Museum. There were two special exhibits that caught my heart. One displayed a timeline of British fashion through the creations of some of my favorite designers. (which to my delight was featured in Vogue the next month). The other consisted of a collection of one of the first romantic painters. Then that evening I saw Macbeth in Central Park (Shakespeare is put on every summer by the Public Theater) with Liev Schrieber and Jennifer Ehle as leads. During the performance the most beautiful colors evolved against the clouds of nightfall. The talent was incredible. Every fragment of my changing life, the person who I had been and the person I am going to become, fell into place that day. It was full of those moments where my mind and heart connect with my spirit, all in the name of art and natural beauty, and I envision myself sitting there whenever I am feeling must unsure and worthless – with the brilliant legacies of Girodet and Shakespeare.

6. If you were to face a boggart, what do you think it would it turn into? Explain why you think this. It would be hard for a boggart to take the form of what I fear above all else since my greatest fear is not something of material/physical form. Though I am very visual it is not something you see. And yet because I rely so much on my sight it would be the lack of imagery. So I think the boggart would have to take the form of a black hole; a complete void, utter blindness. I fear the kind of darkness that is empty and meaningless. I fear complete blankness. I fear a life of absolutely nothing - no beauty, no ideas, no change, no progress, no goals, no value, no success, not even the distinction of loss. I fear losing my sight and insight because with both I would be nothing.

7. What do you think you would you see in the Mirror of Erised? I think the Mirror of Erised would reflect myself dressed in a gown of rich material, hair twisted, and collar decorated with elaborate jewels.
I would see myself living in the past, specially in either Florence or Milan during the Renaissance (late 1400’s and early 1500’s). Above all else I think that what my heart desires most is a different world, a different environment than today’s society. I would see myself living in a time where human drive was more evident by means of intelligence, passion, and cleverness; where things were less clouded by modern-day routine and standardization. Today things are very black and white in the sense that something is either good or bad, not both or neither, and so on. Society has become extremely secular and materialistic. And because I don’t value that I struggle with modern dependencies and restrictions. Yes, we have progressed greatly (especially in equality because now women can do so much more than what they could in the past, and yes I am very grateful for that) but at the same time we have hindered ourselves as well. Standardization is what I think I dislike most. The standardization of business is beginning to trickle down to other institutions like education, which bothers me greatly. There are standardization tests that place no value on individual interpretation and overlooks the higher or unique intelligence of individual. I believe it would show myself in the Renaissance because I have always felt as though I have had a past life there, as though part of my spirit was left behind in that period. It was a point in history where culture still believed in a kind of magic while just beginning to learn the full human potential of reason and logic. However, despite my dislike for the world today I feel like the fact that we have not let go of progress is the best aspect. If I lived in the past I would be satisfied that I made a contribution to the goodness of the world today. Plus, I would love the respect, etiquette, and how the arts were so highly valued.

8. Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire? Explain your reasoning. Yes, only because it is the chance of the lifetime. Even if I was not chosen at least I could say that I tried to be a part of something as wonderful and difficult as the Triwizard Tournament, especially since it happens so rarely. Plus, I would be able to do magic outside of a classroom, in a setting far different from the everyday. I like that each challenge is somewhat a riddle. The participants have to not only know how to perform the right spell but they have to figure out the task and develop a strategy. And yet there is a level of think-on-your-feet and concentration all while keeping your courage from slipping away.

9. A)Would you use an Unforgiveable Curse, and if so, under what circumstances would you use an Unforgivable Curse? No, I would not use an Unforgiveable Curse
B)Why? I am usually very good about not losing my head so to speak so if I have predetermined that I will not use an Unforgiveable Curse then I won't but it is always hard to say what someone will do in unique situations even if that someone is yourself. I won’t even consider the scenario of using an Unforgivable only if there is nothing else because I really believe that there is always some other way. What makes us human is our ability to reason, our capacity to think so I’d likely steer away from that last resort with every possible idea. Plus, why do you think Voldemort is so good with using the most deadly (no pun intended) of the Unforgivables? He isn’t human anymore because he cannot and does not love. With love anything is possible. And knowledge is power, thus much more powerful than the Unforgivables. If you have both then you have everything at your fingertips without having to use the curses.

10. What house do you think you would be wrong to be put in, and why? I can present a case as to why I should not be put into every house except Ravenclaw because I feel as though there is far too much Claw in my to ever be denied. In other sorting communities I have been sorted into every house at least once, Gryffindor being the most common after Ravenclaw, yet I have always only felt amongst my equals while in Ravenclaw. But to get down to it I honestly don’t think I should be put into Hufflepuff. I cannot say that there is not Hufflepuff in me. But I can say that that badger is so infrequent and inconstistent that I must not be judged as one of the stable and steady. I am very resilient in relinquishing my personal freedoms and I avoid making commitments. Look no further than my username to glimpse my nature.

11. Put the following words in order of importance to you: Adventurous, Ardent, Acute, Crafty, Benevolent, Accommodating, Burlesque, Drive. Please explain your top three and the one you place last.
Acute, Crafty, Drive, Adventuruous, Benevolent, Accommodating, Ardent, Burlesque. 

Acute - I am very perceptive. I usually notice what others do not or am able to discover what lays hidden. I have very analytical tendacies that cause me to look upon more than one angle so I become much more than simply aware of something or someone. I feel that this belongs first because while other qualities of my personality come and go or depend on the situation I feel that this is always present though not always foremost.

Drive - Most of the time I am driven by curiosity, sort of that ‘what if’ that can get the best of anyone if they aren’t careful. But I also chose this because I am very driven in achieving my dreams. Everything of significance in my life is somehow connected to my aspirations and all my actions, other than the required or specified, correspond to my goals. I may not have an exact plan set to map my life for the next three years but I have an idea of what I need to do to get where I want to be. The school I chose, the classes I take, the money I save – it all points towards my dreams. If I can help the ‘what-will-be-will-be’ factor I will certainly try. As much as I believe in destiny I believe that it is up to us to make the right choices to get to that place we were meant to be.

Crafty – I like that this can allude to cleverness or be used to describe someone who excels in crafts as a sort of synonym for ‘artsy’. I would say that both meanings apply to me. Anyone expects me to be ingenious and inventive. I will always come up with that one good idea among many. Plus, this word immediately made me think of my favorite animal: the fox. I have always felt an affinity toward the species so it makes sense to have listed it as one of more importance.
Burlesque – I find this unnecessary and offensive. I do not believe in being fake or crude and this word just makes me shutter because it represents vulgar and grotesque qualities. If I could I would have left it out completely because in comparison to the word before it there is a large gap of difference in importance.

12. What single quality do you feel goes the furthest in defining who you are? Explain why. Imagination – I have had an active imagination since before I could talk. So it is one, if not the, largest portion of my personality and character. I am a dreamer and a creative soul. I am attaching to emersing myself in books because they excite that part of the mind. Imagination is the only quality that can really define who I am, it does not just go the farthest. If I had to explain myself in one word ,without doubt, the term 'visionary' is the term I would use as it represents someone who dreams and imagines a better world. John Lennon's song "Imagine" encompasses the power of the imagination. While it makes us dream away all day it allows us to envision a different world. And there is that amazing opportunity that world is so beautiful one stops simply imaginging it and decides to make it a reality. I am a believer in setting forth to change the world. Without my imagination nothing would be possible.

13. What makes a person deserving of your respect?
Definately first and foremost is open mindedness. I honestly despise people who see things only one way. Having a closed mind has many lethal side effects, all which I do not respect in a person. Someone can become stubborn, shallow, and not embracing of knowledge, change, differences, or possibility. Second would be the ability to let go every once in awhile. I mean in the sense that I have little respect for people that feel the need to control everything that goes on around them. They tend to stick their nose where it does not belong, be exuberantly bossy, and disrupt the natural flow of life. You have sit back every now and then, leave others alone and enjoy what the natural order of life has planned.

14. What character from the series do you most relate to? Explain. Over the years I have related to more than one character, which is logical since everyone goes through stages before blossoming into their true self. There was a time where I was like Hermione. When I was younger I had bossy tendencies, somewhat of a know-it-all I suppose, though I was always more free spirited. I will admit to that. I’ll also own up to a Draco-likeness. I liked being a teacher’s pet and was crafty in my insults to others without caring how much it hurt because of my own insecurities or elite confidence. Thankfully, I have grown out of those stages. Well not grown out of per say but grown from and have transformed. I’m still a perfectionist and I still would rather do everything on my own. 

Everyone is complex and because there are many aspects, many depths and qualities, I can identify with more than one character. Then there is Sirius, Dumbledore and Luna. What people see on the surface is not what is in our depths, thus we are misunderstood. 

Sirius was perceived as someone else for most of Harry’s life just because of how things appeared. Luna is seen as a complete lunatic but those that actually get to know her see that she is very intelligent and not afraid to say what is on her mind, even though it may sound a bit odd. Dumbledore is shrouded in mystery (but I won’t touch on this too much so as not to include Deathly Hallows spoilers). They are all perfect examples of how the line between insanity and genius is very thin indeed. Like Luna I am easily lost in my imagination and at times rattle off esoteric facts, which makes people cast me off as strange because I am like no one they have ever known. Like Sirius I tend to give words of wisdom that I myself do not follow. I have had rough patches with my family as well, mostly my mother since she tends to get rather overbearing. I distanced myself from them, because I suffocate without freedom (flying motorcycle not included however). Then I went through a realization about myself as Sirius did, but luckily my family loves me for who I am. I am proud of who I am, even if sometimes my downfalls get the best of me, an incident to which Sirius can also relate. 

Lastly, in concerns to Dumbledore without giving too much away. I am sure that at some point everyone feels much older than they really are but I’ve always been told that I’m wise beyond my years. Granted, Dumbledore’s wisdom comes from experience I connect with him on every bit of knowledge he says openly or veils beneath something a bit more unexpected. Sometimes I surprise myself where it all comes from. We share that quirky outlook on life. Like him, I am aware of my talents and am always striving to use them to their full potential. In return, I must be careful to make the right decisions (though I have not always done in the past) because I feel as though if I had too much power my ambitions would get the best of me. And every Christmas it is frustrating that everyone gives me books when sometimes all I really want is a lovely pair of wool socks too.

15. What qualities do you possess from each of the four houses (Please try choosing one from each)?
Slytherin - In person I am extremely subtle. When combined with my constant cleverness a type of cunning takes form. Since I am an introvert I am not very open with people but even if that is taken away I am still a very secretive and private individual. Then there is always the matter of ambition, which I would say I have more than the average dose. However, it usually wears the mask of passion because I hold my aspirations very close. I know what I want and there is not much that will stop me from achieving it, so in situations that matter I can be extremely convincing and my cleverness has the potential to be manipulative behind a veil of innocence. I can win people over fairly easy, always with charm instead of force. This is especially useful when making people do things they don’t particularly want to do. But I’d rather rely on my own skills because if you ever want something done right you must do it yourself.

Ravenclaw – I am definitely driven by my mind and would be considered a ‘thinker’ instead of a ‘doer’. I live in my own world and, as it is said, I march to beat of a different drummer. As result of my inclination for fantasy I tend to idealize and then when something or someone turns out to be less that I had imagined I am very disappointed. I am an Aquarius, thus I have the tendency to be inventive, witty, and creative. I like new ideas. In fact, I am bored rather quickly by anything that is not interesting. I thrive on change. Though religious I count myself more of a spiritual being. I am attracted to odd, mysterious bits of knowledge and the unexplained. I have not always been academically inclined; when I was much younger my mind always wandered during school, but learning has always been immensely important to me. Now that I am a full time college student and due to my chosen area of study I definitely have a scholarly air. When it comes to studying I am very well disciplined and systematic. I am drawn to the arts and languages. My practice of yoga allows me a sense of calm and control usually attributed to the Claws. I am not emotionally driven which makes me appear very cold on the surface. I definitely think before I speak, though I do not think that is strictly a Ravenclaw trait.

Hufflepuff- I recognize far less of this house in myself then others have accredited me. Undoubtedly I am accepting, especially when it comes to cultural and religious differences. I actually greatly enjoy learning about and being around people from other countries and different walks of life. My belief in karma is one force that influences my behavior and I think that reflects the quality of fairness for which this house is known. Plus, I am always very good about not being biased and always listening to both sides of every story, even if I don’t agree. Since I am a perfectionist I am also very hard working, but only when it comes to certain projects that I feel serve a purpose or from which I will benefit. Then I am honest, mostly with myself and those I am comfortable but I do not sugar coat things. I will say what it is and my honesty is what my friends value most in our relationship. I can sense everything that is going on around me, even the not so obvious, and I seek harmony in my environment. So I stay away from conflict if possible. I’m definitely not a fighter.

- My leading trait from this house is that I am not afraid to be myself. If needs be I will become that rebel, the kind with a cause mind you. I would say I am an extreme individualist – I like doing everything my own way and I resist the pressure to conform. I like being original and one of a kind. I can be very creative with this aspect, because it allows me to see life in ways that others are blind to. It is a double edged sword, however, since I despise when people copy of my ‘inventions’. Though I am not as outspoken or fiery as the traditional lion I possess an amount of integrity and endurance. I am always up for a challenge – in fact the more challenging something is the more I will want to accomplish it no matter what. I dislike the plain and mundane, I thrive on change and I like being different though I do nothing to the extreme. It may be difficult to earn my love and loyalty, but once you do it is definitely worth it. My sense of humor probably falls into this category since it relates to the Weasley twins as my jokes work as stratagems and one cannot take life too seriously. And I am rather mischievous. In my group of friends I can be the most serious but I always have something funny to say, and the strength to keep a straight face.

16. A) If you could change one thing about yourself, would you? Probably not
B) What would it be if you did? I would be more forgiving towards those I know.
C) Why? Taking from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, like the infamous Mr. Darcy, “my good opinion once lost is lost forever.” I am not one to give people second chances. I am very untrusting in the first place and I make it a point not to place my heart in people since as humans we are ever changing and I have had bad experiences in the past where I have been let down by those around me. I would much rather rely on myself and only myself. Also, like my literary twin Elizabeth Bennet, I always go with my initial insight into someone. I read into people fairly well and rarely am I wrong in the first impression. Yet, there have been times when I have been wrong but I do not reopen for the person unless they present truth. When those I actually do love and trust let me down I know from that moment on that I cannot depend on them and I do not even if they expect it. I am not open with my emotions so if I am mad at someone they likely will never know, which is incredibly unhealthy since holding everything in never does any good. I would change this aspect because it is silly to abandon all the wonderful aspects of a friendship simply because humans make mistakes. No one is perfect, not matter what I think of myself.

17. How did you find us? If it was from a post say where and who posted it (If possible, please leave a link to the actual post you saw.) I am Deputy Head Mistress at Accio Sorting Hat, where Hybrid Elite is an affiliate. And I’ve heard arinelle mention this place.

18. Have you applied before? If so, can you please leave a link to your last application? No, I have not applied here before.

19. A) Why should we accept you? There is a difference between being a fan of the HP series and being an interactive fan of the HP series. Obviously I fall into the latter. I am an avid Harry Potter fan that enjoys discussing theories and themes, creating graphics, writing fanfiction, and applying my imagination to a fandom that thrives on magic. So I would thrive here among others that enjoy the same. I would contribute to the community and other members.
B)What makes you different than the other applicants we’re reviewing after you? I am myself and no one else can do that. You’ve read some things about me yet still you hardly know me. But I can safely say that I will bring much of what has been reflected in my application. As this community is a special blend of the houses I will bring my own special blend of fun.

20. How many hours weekly do you expect to be able to put into this community? At least three or four hours a week.

21. Please leave some way of communication (either e-mail or AIM) here. My e-mail is the_birth_of_venus@hotmail.com and my AIM is ofmythandpaint.

22. If you are sorted into a House that does not have an Head of House, would you be interested in being one? Not at the moment but that is subject to change.
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