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If someone could give this the once over I'd be most obliged.

1.Name: The tinternet name is Dusantiago, I answer to Du and quite obviously my given name Alyson.

2. Age: 23, the one and only time that I will mention it.

3. A) Have you read all of the Harry Potter books that are out currently? I did struggle with Half-Blood Prince but I did read it, I haven’t read Quidditch Through the Ages or Fantastic Beasts.
B) How many are there (excluding the two books done for charity)? Currently there are nine I think. Ten if you include The Deathly Hallows.
C) Which one was your favourite? Explain. I would have to go with the tried and tested Prisoner of Azkaban. It was the first book where we had a glimpse of the characters growing up and realising that not everything is fine and dandy with the world. I loved the bittersweetness of it, aswell as the darker parts. Bittersweet because Harry had Sirius, he had his Godfather’s freedom, he had his future all in his grasp and then he lost it all in one fell swoop which resulted in Pettigrew escaping. Darker, because more adult themes were dealt with the book- Harry learning that it was apparently his Godfather who had killed his parents, then realising that it was the ‘useless’ Pettigrew who no one had thought of, wanting revenge on both of these men and then not being able to really do anything as the situation spins out of his control.

4. A) If you attended Hogwarts, what would be your favourite subject? It would be an honest toss up between Defence against the Dark Arts and Potions.
B) Why? Defence because you can never know too little about what can hurt you, it always helps to be able to pull a few aces out of your sleeve when your down and dirty. Potions because even though I was awful at chemistry in school- there were far too many explosions for mine and the teachers liking- I think that it seems relaxing. There is nothing better than beholding something that you’ve created and the knowledge that it isn’t all that you can do.

5. If you could store one memory in a Pensieve, what would it be? Explain. I can’t honestly think of one thing that I would put in a Pensieve, they’ve never struck me as trustworthy devises. But if pushed I would store all those hours spent as a child cavorting over hills and dales without a care in the world.

6. If you were to face a boggart, what do you think it would it turn into? Explain why you think this. I used to think it would mimic me being alone, and I mean totally alone, but now after a few years of getting used to the sound of silence it would turn into my father saying that he’s disappointed in me. That would crush me more than anything else that I could imagine.

7. What do you think you would you see in the Mirror of Erised? I’ll go for material goods and the image of myself set up for life, not having to work a day ever again, having enough money and power to be a Personage of Leisure. Oh and a maid, I would LOVE a maid.

8. Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire? Explain your reasoning. Not any chance in the Nine Levels of Dantes Inferno. I like the skin on my back and barring all unfortunate circumstances (like flaying for example) I’d like to keep it there. I’m not one to strive for the limelight through pointless acts of self promotion. Besides, all that I would get if in that hundred to one chance that I win it is a sparkly trophy, I can buy one of them if I really want one.

9. A)Would you use an Unforgiveable Curse, and if so, under what circumstances would you use an Unforgivable Curse? I have honestly thought of this before and I would. There are times when I believe that I would use it for purely selfish reasons to teach people a lesson, and then there are the times that I’d use it for helping people- say someone was dead set on killing themselves- a little Imperio wouldn’t do any harm here?
B)Why? In the first instance because of my temper, and my desire in my hurt to see other people hurt even more. In the second instance because if it were a family member or close friend I would do anything to stop them doing that to themselves- not because I believe they’ll suffer for it, because I’m selfish and want to keep them for myself.

10. What house do you think you would be wrong to be put in, and why? I don’t particularly see myself in Huffledor, I’m not very considerate for a lot of people and don’t see myself having the peaceful temperament that I believe a Huffledor would have.

11. Put the following words in order of importance to you: Adventurous, Ardent, Acute, Crafty, Benevolent, Accommodating, Burlesque, Drive. Please explain your top three and the one you place last.
Ardent, Crafty, Drive, Acute, Burlesque, Benevolent, Accommodating.

Ardent, because when I love something I love it with my all, what I love becomes mine.
Crafty because even in the most innocuous of things I have an ulterior motive, even if sometimes I don’t realise it.

Drive, what I really, really want I will have.

Accommodating, apart from family I don’t accommodate much. I’m brusque and rather twitchy to most people.

12. What single quality do you feel goes the furthest in defining who you are? Explain why. It sounds strange but I would go with my anger. A few years ago my anger was one of my main personality traits, due to a succession of REALLY bad jobs. Now since my job situation has calmed down, I have as well, but I still believe that my anger is a moot point of my personality. I’ve always been easily pushed over the ‘edge’ by people who know me well, sometimes it’s been for giggles but other times it’s been specifically to hurt as people who know me know that I hold no bounds when I get angry, I get on a roll and just go with the flow. It’s taken a while to get it under control, but I’m quite happy now, and even though I do still get a bit pissed off from time to time, the righteous anger is a thing of the past.

13. What makes a person deserving of your respect? Someone who knows their mind and won’t be swayed into another mindset- technically this would be classed as bull headed stubbornness, but from my point of view as long as the person is intelligent it’s a trait worth giving acknowledgement to.

14. What character from the series do you most relate to? Explain. I was once sorted as Draco Malfoy with a smidgen of Sirius Black and I still hold claim that I’m more a Draco than a Sirius (with the obvious exemption of gender). I don’t believe that Draco is as shallow as he is portrayed as in the books, even bystanders in stories have to be more than two dimensional. I see myself drawn to Draco, not only from his appearance in the books, but also in his appearance in the fandom- probably not the best way of relating to a character.

15. What qualities do you possess from each of the four houses (Please try choosing one from each)?

Gryffindor: I believe that I have the passion from this House, the explosive passion that can either turn out simply fantastic or hellishly bad. When I first started to read the Harry Potter books I would have placed myself in this House, but as I’ve matured I’m more jaded and cynical than the members of Gryffindor.

Ravenclaw: I do like to learn new things and am a fountain of knowledge in my chosen field – History. I’ve been loosely termed a History looser by a colleague at work as every day I teach her a new thing. As long as the knowledge interests me I’m addicted, but I loose focus easily, to the detriment of my studies.

Hufflepuff: I once compared Hufflepuffs to a doormat, not in the bad way mind, though I can understand how that can be taken as an insult. I meant it as they accept everything and everyone for who and what they are. They don’t harbour illusions that other houses do, and in my opinion they are the most cynical and earthly of all the Houses with which I identify,

Slytherin: Since this is where I’m placed in most sorting comms I don’t hesitate to say that I see myself as a Snake. I get my morals from Slytherin I think, all those murky area of grey where there is no true right or wrong, just who the winner is. But as with all aspects of my personality I see pieces of myself in ALL houses, I just identify more with Slytherin.

16. A) If you could change one thing about yourself, would you? No. I’m perfectly happy as I am thank-you very much.
B) What would it be if you did? If I had to change something it would be to make myself less immune to flattery.
C) Why? I’m a sucker for someone stroking my rather overgrown ego.

17. How did you find us? If it was from a post say where and who posted it (If possible, please leave a link to the actual post you saw.) Crawling through the internet on a devilishly slow day.

18. Have you applied before? If so, can you please leave a link to your last application? Nope, sadly, or rather gladly I say no.

19. A) Why should we accept you? Because I can spell Mississippi without blinking? Honestly I learned it from Brownies. Basically because I can string together a sentence and it *gasp* stunningly makes sense.
B) What makes you different than the other applicants we’re reviewing after you? What you don’t know already? I’m brilliantly funny, sometimes a tad slow, but all around entertaining as hell.

20. How many hours weekly do you expect to be able to put into this community? Since I’m now working a full time job, going on holiday soon too, but since my boy-o is away from home right now every hour under the sun that I’m a) not at work and b) not out with my small and rather select group of friends.

21. Please leave some way of communication (either e-mail or AIM) here.
AIM: mdusantiago
GMAIL: dusantiago10@gmail.com

22. If you are sorted into a House that does not have a Head of House, would you be interested in being one? I’m certainly up for it if you are.

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