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Help for all

Rather than fighting with LJ to post comments to all of you, I will simply put this:

I am willing to help any person who would like a review of their application. Simply comment here to let me know if you are emailing it or posting a rough draft to this community. You can also feel free to email or comment about specific questions you may be having.

I do have AIM and YIM, but I've not been using those as much as usual. If you'd like to communicate through these avenues, comment here and give me 3 days and times you would be available to meet there. At that time I will give you my AIM or YIM user name.

If you would like to email me a rough draft and get my opinion on your application, please be sure to comment here first with the email address it will be coming from. I would hate to have applications lost in that gawd awful spam folder. You can also use this email to ask specific questions about your application. The same request to post a comment with your email still stands. My email is: moron62639@yahoo.com.

If you would simply like to put your application up here in this community and would like me to take a look, please comment here. I don't get through my bogged down f-list as often as I'd like. It would be much easier for me to see your rough draft if you give me a heads up that you would like it reviewed.

I am going to screen comments on this post so any email addresses given to me for reference purposes in my inbox will not be public domain. Also, if you do email, please use these titles:

For a rough draft application review: Hybrid Application Review
For a question about applications: Hybrid Application Question

Okay, if you are interested in knowing more about me, feel free to check out my user info on my personal journal and on the user info of the huffle_dor common room.

Have a great weekend!

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