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Reparo! A Community for Potential Members of Hybri's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Reparo! A Community for Potential Members of Hybri

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Horklumps ... [28 May 2008|11:32pm]

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Horklumps everywhere... [18 May 2008|03:42pm]

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[04 May 2008|07:32pm]


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For only 2 cents a day, you can sponsor this applicant [21 Apr 2008|09:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

And here she is...Oh yeah.... Quaffle.Collapse )

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[01 Apr 2008|07:58pm]

[ mood | blah ]


In hybrid_elite, there are four terms in which each House will try earning as many points as it can for his/her House. Each term is 13 weeks long and at the end of each term there will be an award given to each House for the most points. If a House by the end of the four terms receives multiple copies of these awards, they shall receive the House Cup.

Here are the dates of the beginning and ending of the next four terms:

Term I: January 1, 2008 to March 31st, 2008 CLOSED
Term II: April 1st, 2008 to June 30th, 2008
Term III: July 1st, 2008 to September 30th, 2008
Term IV: October 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2008


These are all of the communities we have here at hybrid_elite, along with their descriptions.
evanesco_elite: Hiatus/ Leaving Community; If you are in need of taking a break from Hybrid for any reason, please leave a post here and let your Head of House know.
graphics_shoppe: Graphic's Community; Restricted Posting Access: Only Shop Owners! If you make graphics, you can apply to become a shop owner here. If you are approved, you can earn points for your House by posting any HP graphics you make and by filling people's request.
gryffinandclaw: Gryffinclaw Common Room; Restricted Access: Only Gryffinclaws. Where the Gryffinclaw's reside.
huffle_dor: Huffledor Common Room; Restricted Access: Only Huffledors. Where the Huffledor's reside.
hybrid_elite: General Community; The Great Hall, if you shall, of Hybrid. This is where we host all of our main discussions, announce upcoming events and changes to Hybrid, etc., etc. This is the core community where all members, despite House and Staff Level, come together and talk about anything Harry Potter.
hybrid_housecup: Contests Community; Restricted Posting Access: Only Staff Members! If you want to earn points for your House, friend this community! All general contests (ex. Promotion, Anagrams, etc.) will be posted here.
hybridperceptum: Classes; Restricted Posting Access: Only Professors! Where current members can sign up for classes that they have special interests in and take in part of debates with fellow classmates. This is also where we host our Clubs.
hybrid_sorting: The Sorting Hat; Anyone can join this community! People who want to join need to apply here first and be sorted by current members of hybrid_elite.
hybrid_staff: The Staff Lounge; Restricted Access: Only Staff Members! This community is for all Staff Members where we gather points and talk about you guys!
obscurus_elite: The Writer's Corner; This is another excellent place for a member to earn points for their House! You can enter writing contests and if you place you get points!
raven_puff: Ravenpuff Common Room; Restricted Access: Only Ravenpuffs. Where the Ravenpuff's reside.
reparo_elite:The Place to Find a Sponsor; This community is for ANYONE interested in applying. Want to have someone help you through the application process? Or maybe you just want someone to give it a quick glance over? Then come here and find a sponsor!
slythin_claw: Slythinclaw Common Room; Restricted Access: Only Slythinclaw. Where the Slythinclaw's reside.
slythin_dor: Slythindor Common Room; Restricted Access: Only Slythindors. Where the Slythindor's reside.
slythin_puff: Slythinpuff Common Room; Restricted Access: Only Slythinpuffs. Where the Slythinpuff's reside.



Since this is a hybrid community, instead of having the original four Houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, etc.), we have six new houses which are mixtures of the original four. They are as listed: Gryffinclaw, Huffledor, Ravenpuff, Slythinclaw, Slythindor, and Slythinpuff. For each of these Houses, there will be one Head of House. These people are very important to their House as they A) will be the 'active' head of their own House community and host their own in-depth House discussions and will also host weekly graphic contest to help choose which graphic best represents their House B) will be responsible for keeping track of the points earned and taken away within their house and C)will be in regular communication with the Headmaster. They will be expected to be very active within their House community and within hybrid_elite. If you feel you are right for the job, when you go to fill out your application there will be a question asking if you are interested in being a Head of House for whichever House you are sorted into. If you say yes and you are accepted, you are the first Head of Houses in this Sorting Community! After this first term, though, that procedure will not be followed. That person is Head of House until they choose to leave it, and when that happens you must first inform the Headmaster and then that person can choose the new Head of House. The new Head of House must have been a Prefect before being the Head of their House. You cannot be a Prefect and then be promoted to be Head of House unless you have been a Prefect for more than a term.


Although Prefects are not as important as their Head of House, they still are very important to their Head of House and thus to the Headmaster. Their main purpose is to help the Head of House in whatever they need (No Heads of House's, you cannot haze them. Ok, a little, but don't hurt them permantly!) Along with the Head of Houses, they may give and take away House points. Members, if you have questions you need answering, you need to first go to your Prefects in your House. If they cannot answer your question either have one of the Prefects or you yourself approach the Head of House and ask your question. If they cannot answer the question, the Head of your House shall bring your question to me. Although I'll love every single one of you, I don't need 70+ people approaching me with questions on my free time. Most likely, if your Prefects will not be able to answer your questions, your Head of House shall.

Do you want to find out what is going on in all of the different communities of Hybrid, but are afraid you missed something? Then you'll want to talk to the Daily Prophet Head! This person is in charge of keeping an eye on everything that is going on in this community and reporting it to you! Expect a Newsletter every week keeping you up-to-date on all of the different contests, applications, and even letting you know the current standing of each House!


This person is in charge of graphics_shoppe.This person is in charge of approving new Shop Owners into the community and coming up with different themes on a weekly/ bi-weekly basis! They will also dove points to the Owners for their graphics. Must be a Shop Owner first before becoming a Graphic Shoppe Head!

Sorting Heads are the people that our potential members of Hybrid Elite will most likely know the best. This person is entirely in charge of hybrid_sorting; They open and close applications, remove applications from queue, stamp applicants, make any modly posts in hybrid_sorting that need to be made, etc. If anyone has a question about applications, you'll want to talk to them. Our current Sorting Head is our lovely Head of Huffledor, Mandy, so if you have any questions about applications go and ask her.

Writing Heads are in charge of obscurus_elite. They come up with all of the different writing challenges and are in charge of gathering the entries and annoucing the winners of each challenge.  Each winner who places are doved points from the Writing Head.

Headmistress: Abby
Assistant Headmistress: None.
Head of House, Gryffinclaw: Maggie
Prefect, Gryffinclaw: None.
Head of House, Huffledor: Mandy
Prefect, Huffledor: None.
Head of House, Ravenpuff: Lee
Prefect: Ravenpuff: None.
Head of House, Slythinclaw: Steph
Prefect, Slythinclaw: None.
Head of House, Slythindor: None.
Prefect, Slythindor: None.
Head of House, Slythinpuff: None.
Prefect: Slythinpuff: None.
Daily Prophet Head: Chelsea.
Graphic Shoppe Head: None.
Sorting Head: Mandy

Writing Head: Kat

If you have any concerns and/or conplaints, leave a comment at the Complaint Post. If you want your application removed from queue, or have any other application-related questions, go here. If you need to take a break from hybrid_elite or you want to leave, leave a post in evanesco_elite. If you want to read the rules, here are the General Rules, Sorting Rules, and the Graphic Contest Rules. Any questions?
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Complaint Post [01 Apr 2008|07:18pm]

[ mood | busy ]

If any members have a complaint they want to raise to the Headmistress, please leave a comment here.

Comments are screened.

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In search of a sponsor; version 2.0 [30 Mar 2008|02:08pm]

Looking for something to read? Try this!Collapse )
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My application... [19 Feb 2008|05:01pm]
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Are you still taking these? [30 Aug 2007|06:25pm]

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Looking for a sponsor...with some sexy horklumps on the brain! Woo! [09 Aug 2007|06:53pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Are quaffles better than waffles? I think not!Collapse )

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[31 Jul 2007|04:50pm]

I'd love a sponsor, if one's available - but mostly, I'd like someone to look over my application.

Clicky.Collapse )
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S'il vous plait? [24 Jul 2007|11:53pm]

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Well searching for some honest responses and a delightful person to be my sponsor. [30 Jun 2007|01:50pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

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[17 Jun 2007|11:35pm]


Someone want to help me clean up my application? I think it seems to pompous, that may just be me though. Plus, it's really long, I don't know if that's a good thing or not...

Help?Collapse )

Thanks :]

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There's a Horklump in my soup! [15 Jun 2007|03:46pm]

I would love a sponsor, if one is available.  If not a sponsor, I'd at least like a thorough read-through and review of what I need to do better before actually applying.

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The Horklumps is Spreading Faster than We Previously Thought [27 May 2007|02:31pm]

[ mood | pretty content right now :) ]

I come before you bearing gifts of cupcakes and coffee in search of a sponsor....

But if you get the Quaffle past the Keeper, we'll all be saved!Collapse )

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[12 May 2007|12:12am]

If someone could give this the once over I'd be most obliged.

I offer unspoken delights.Collapse )
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Looking for a sponser... [06 Apr 2007|08:04pm]

Anyone who could give this a once-over and okay it for me would be greatly appreciated.

Don't make me start hurling Quaffles to get attention, now!Collapse )
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Help for all [06 Apr 2007|01:57am]

[ mood | blah ]

Rather than fighting with LJ to post comments to all of you, I will simply put this:

I am willing to help any person who would like a review of their application. Simply comment here to let me know if you are emailing it or posting a rough draft to this community. You can also feel free to email or comment about specific questions you may be having.

I do have AIM and YIM, but I've not been using those as much as usual. If you'd like to communicate through these avenues, comment here and give me 3 days and times you would be available to meet there. At that time I will give you my AIM or YIM user name.

If you would like to email me a rough draft and get my opinion on your application, please be sure to comment here first with the email address it will be coming from. I would hate to have applications lost in that gawd awful spam folder. You can also use this email to ask specific questions about your application. The same request to post a comment with your email still stands. My email is: moron62639@yahoo.com.

If you would simply like to put your application up here in this community and would like me to take a look, please comment here. I don't get through my bogged down f-list as often as I'd like. It would be much easier for me to see your rough draft if you give me a heads up that you would like it reviewed.

I am going to screen comments on this post so any email addresses given to me for reference purposes in my inbox will not be public domain. Also, if you do email, please use these titles:

For a rough draft application review: Hybrid Application Review
For a question about applications: Hybrid Application Question

Okay, if you are interested in knowing more about me, feel free to check out my user info on my personal journal and on the user info of the huffle_dor common room.

Have a great weekend!

Made by autumn_mist @ juicy_grapes
Head of Huffledor
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The One With A Sponser. [04 Apr 2007|01:52pm]


I'm looking for a sponsor to help me out with my application? I've been sorted into Ravenclaw in all other communities, if that helps at all. :)

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